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KTH Developments was founded in late 2010 with our main focus being transparency and consistency.

KTH has continued to lead the industry because of our no markup rule of thumb: you pay, what we pay. We ensure top-notch communication throughout your development, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the finished product and each step along the way.

From commercial to residential, KTH has the experience and teams to handle any project, any size, virtually anywhere. We are insured up to $5 million, bonded, and licensed.

KTH also performs local manufacturing. This means that custom millwork is built in our shop, not overseas or across the country. Our quality, is unbeatable.


Knowledgeable, KTH has the experience and knowledge to manage any sized scope, from a small basement development, to a high rise commercial development.


Transparent, simply put this is what built KTH. Putting our client’s needs, and our honesty first, is what makes our business unlike any others. We care, and knowing we made a difference on each project, really makes us happy.


Helpful, we help you achieve your goals and aspirations at a price that makes complete sense.

  • Tyler HeislerPresident & CEO

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    President & CEO

    Tyler Heisler has been involved in developments and construction for over 20 years. After founding KTH in 2010, Tyler’s vision has seen KTH rapidly expand to three western Canada provinces. Tyler is personally involved in every development KTH executes, ensuring that his vision is followed through. Along with many leadership and coaching awards, Tyler holds a bachelor's in Business Management and a Masters in Behavioral Sciences from Athabasca University located in Alberta.

  • AdamFergusonProject Manager / Developer

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    Project Manager / Developer

    Adam Ferguson has been involved in the sole focus of providing quality service through public service for the last 14 years. His commitment to build respectful, honest and consistent communication has allowed him to build successful relationships that have contributed to his vision of providing exceptional service. Adam has been educated in the importance, relevance and necessity of project management and is committed to growth and opportunity in every area he is involved.

  • Ashley BranderExecutive/ Office Assistant

    Kendra Rawluk
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    Executive/ Office Assistant

    Ashley comes to KTH Developments with over 10 years of executive / administrative experience. Her most recent accomplishments are assisting the growth and day to day operations of her family run business to most recently growing personally in the medical field. 

    Ashley lives in Airdrie, Alberta with her four children. 



From the age of 8, our founder Tyler Heisler has always wanted to help people. From family to friends to complete strangers, Tyler was always lending a helping hand. Whether it be loading in groceries for an elderly lady who lived in his building at the young age of 9, cutting the neighbours lawn or shovelling their sidewalk in good faith at the age of 12, or working overtime without pay to get ahead of a schedule or timeline at the age of 14.

This approach has carried on into the business world. Tyler believes in transparency and respect and believes too often people are being taken advantage of in regard to new builds, renovations and developments.

Most "award-winning renovators" have secrets and hidden costs. These secrets and hidden costs can be lucrative 200k plus salaries, fancy trucks, company paid trips and functions, lavish company spending and more. Who pays for these high overhead costs? You do.

Material mark up is a huge part of a renovators business and profit. If you buy a custom Kitchen from a renovator that renovator needs to purchase that kitchen from one of their suppliers and then sell that product back to you. On average, a renovator will mark-up everything from the material to the labor, costing the consumer - you - thousands of wasted dollars.

Take a kitchen renovation as an example. What do you think that kitchen costs from the manufacturer? In most cases, your renovator is taking a huge mark up on that kitchen anywhere from 100-200% of the actual cost. The labor to install that kitchen, typically should cost on average from $800-$3000 at most. If you are paying anything more, or if your renovator is not showing you their cost from the manufacturer, you as client have to decide if that renovator is really the best choice for you.

It is important to do your research, ask questions, and expect transparency. KTH is not only a certified dealer to many manufacturing companies in and around Calgary and Regina, but we make 0% profit from the materials. KTH charges a management fee for each project - this ensures you are getting quality, delivered on time and on budget. Our team provides all of the trades for your project, and we ensure they are all certified to take on your project.

Our labor is carefully managed on each project, and this is done with LEAN Six Sigma. Have you ever wondered why two Drive Thru windows exist in a Drive Thru? It is for efficiency and KTH operates the same.

Tools are cleaned and carefully laid out for each job, so no one is ravaging through a tool box wasting time looking for that specific tool needed, product is ordered well in advance so our trades are not standing around wasting time, our vendors and suppliers are strategically involved in our projects, executing site visits and meetings to ensure delivery and schedules are adhered to and their product is meeting and exceeding our expectations. All of this is very carefully managed and followed, so we can continue to save our clients money and do so by staying on budget and on schedule.

KTH promises to provide you with this transparency throughout your project and after. Maintaining relationships is crucial for our growth and without you and your referrals we would not be able to offer you such savings.


  • Transparency 
  • $5 Million liability insurance 
  • Bonded in Alberta 
  • Prepaid Alberta contractor 
  • Licensed with the City of Calgary, the City of Airdrie, the City of Cochrane, the town of Canmore, the town of Banff, the town of High River, and with the City of Regina 
  • Strategically partnered with suppliers and vendors, this enables us to maintain below average costs to our clients 
  • No fancy offices, no fancy jacked-up trucks, no corporate jets. Low overhead, means you get quality at a savings almost no one can match 
  • We care about you. Our President is involved in every project, ensuring you are taken care of from A to Z and beyond 
  • We give back. Community events, fundraisers, charities are all very important to us 
  • Dealer pricing for all custom kitchens, vanities and built-ins, saving you thousands


202, 191 Edwards Way SW
Airdrie, AB
T4B 3E2

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